The desire to help the unreached of Southeast Asia by spreading the gospel has spanned over 25 years and two generations. In 1986, Vorvit Sangsirikhun and Kal McAlexander met each other at Cincinnati Christian Seminary and became fast friends. Vorvit is a Thai national from Chang Mai, Thailand, and Kal McAlexander is now a chaplain in the US Navy. With time, they both had children, and in spring of 2006, Kal brought his son Jess to Thailand to visit his old friend.
Jess immediately fell in love with the people and the place, and decided to devote his time to helping the people there, spreading the good news to those who so thirsted for it. There are millions of unreached peoples in Thailand, China and Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam who are still waiting to hear the Gospel. There is a great opportunity to build them both spiritually and physically, whether it be translating the Bible into their own language or doing something simple like building a well so that they can have clean water. Trinity International, TIM, affectionally, has made it its mission to help the unreached in any way possible with the help of our fearless leaders Jesse Mac and his wife Jessy. While being a missionary provides many blessings spiritually,the Jess's would also appreciate support of any kind, whether it be a simple prayer or a financial donation. We'll be happy with either and will look forward to doing God's work however we can. Grace and Peace.