Connie's Home

Connie’s Home was established to care for sick infants that are awaiting adoption. Often times these children can be set aside after being added to the adoption lists because their unaided health condition progresses and eventually results in being removed from the list, or death. It is the mission of Connie’s Home staff to recognize the value and potential of each child, nursing them back to health until the children can be successfully adopted before the age of 3. Each child receives therapy and care physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually that will help them through the adoption transition ahead.


In recent years it has been clear that Connie’s program was ideal for not only the children but also the staff. Each staff member is challenged to meet strict guidelines and benchmarks in childcare. Through this program Connie’s Home was able to begin partnering with an organization that trains Au Pairs for western homes. Each girl at Connie’s Home must complete 400 hours of experience to obtain licensing for their future career. Subjects covered range from basic nursing, to parenting techniques and cultural training such as American Holidays and cultural icons.


While both of these projects have practical applications the address social needs in Thailand, the goal is always meaningful relationships with the children, staff and Au Pairs. In everything the focus is life changing relationships and a family environment that will foster development and growth in each individual.

Juvenile Prison Ministry

We are partnering with a prison ministry that disciples young women at a juvenile correctional facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Weekly Bible studies are held at the prison as a way to instill Christian values in these young lives. Our aim is to provide a Bible for each girl that attends the Bible studies so that they will have the Word of God at their side and will have the chance to share it with others around them.


Please pray for the girls as they grow in their faith in Jesus and live out their freedom in Christ!




Latin American Ministries

 Latin American Ministries (formerly known as Christian Outreach Mission for Evangelism or C.O.M.E. and Ninos Dominicanos) is a non-profit Christian organization founded by Billy and Bette Loft.


After several years ministering in Dominican Republic and seeing the churches expand their outreach in their own country, they challenged them to begin reaching outside their "borders".  This step led to the Dominican churches sending their first missionary couple to Panama. 


One country however (Nicaragua) was always closed to them until the end of their civil war. Nicaragua was in desperate need of help in re-establishing their country. Billy and Bette established a church that today is a vibrant body of believers meeting on their own campus and reaching out not only within their own country but worldwide. 


Their mission efforts have also reached to Paraguay and Brazil where churches are being planted and missionaries are being sent out. Please pray for Billy, Bette, and their ministry as they continue to serve throughout Central and South America.