What we do


There are hurting people in our world who need to know that they are forever loved by a God who desires to be a part of their lives. Trinity International Missions' goal is to reach out to anyone that we meet so that they can experience a life full of hope. We make the effort to reach out in ways that will personally touch their lives such as promoting area-specific projects.


We are taking action to help build up a movement of people who are ready and willing to serve. People's eyes will not only be opened to missions, but they will see the major impact that they are personally making halfway around the world.


Trinity International Missions is dedicated to making disciples of Christ worldwide. Our initial point of focus is the hill tribe people of Thailand and as doors of opportunity open, to expand to the ends of the earth.


Our vision is 3-fold in that it focuses on the spiritual and humanitarian needs of children, village, and urban ministries.