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Current Projects

Purchase one of the gifts below that will directly support projects which meet the needs of children and families around the world.

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Nicaragua Projects


We have partnered with Mid-Atlantic Christian University (located in North Carolina) to provide a degree program for Christian leaders in the country of Nicaragua. The end goal is to raise up a new generation of ministers in this part of the world. Students have the opportunity to attend classes to gain a degree in Biblical Studies. By attaining this degree, students will be well-equipped and gain even more knowledge to share their faith, disciple others, and reach the lost. To reduce costs, Trinity and Mid-Atlantic is bringing Bible College right to them!


If you would like to sponsor a student to attend the upcoming class "Christian Formation," $65 will cover their tuition as well as all of the required textbooks.

Thailand Projects


With an orphanage full of infants and toddlers, you can help provide milk and formula for one of these children for one, three, six months or up to one whole year.













After researching the cost of baby formula in the U.S., formula can cost a family an average of $60-$100 a month. ( 

In comparison, the average cost of milk and formula at Connie's Home Orphanage costs only $20 a month per child. 

Will you help provide this basic need for orphans? Choose an option below to get started!


The Bible study ministry at the Women's Juvenile Prison in Chiang Mai is in need of more Bibles! Our hope is to provide each young girl who attends these studies with her own copy of God's Word. Give just $10 to gift a Bible in their own language.













Domestic Projects

Human Trafficking Education

Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in America. Victims of domestic minor sex trafficking can be found in every city, town, and community in our country and the lack of awareness allows it to happen. 

Trinity International Missions is committed to combating sex slavery. Through training conferences and the distribution of educational materials, we are empowering those in our community with the ability to not only identify signs of trafficking, but also steps to help sex trafficking victims. Distributing informative and educational materials to our communities helps to raise awareness, and ultimately, protects our children against the vicious cycle of trafficking.











A donation of any amount will aid in the fight to stop human trafficking. By clicking the donate button below you can make a donation of any amount. In the memo section online and on your check, please annotate that you would like to designate your gift to "fight human trafficking".

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