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What is it?

Trinity is dedicated to mobilizing people to get involved with missions in new and exciting ways! We have named our mobilization effort “The 1:30 Movement.” The 1:30 Movement is a way to reach out to any person at any age.

The name comes from a few places. First, we want people to know that even by giving $1 a month, they are making a difference - and that, $1 every 30 days is a good place to start! Also, the name takes on the meaning that approximately

$1= 30 ฿ (Thai Baht). Although $1 seems so small, that dollar can go further in Thailand – and just imagine if everyone stepped up and gave just $1... a movement could be started!


Ways to take part in the 1:30 Movement

>> General giving.

The money given towards the general fund will go to where it’s needed most at that time. That could mean anything from aiding us in our travels, helping in the case of an emergency, purchasing equipment, or going towards one of our current ministry projects that needs further funding.

>> Choose a project.

By choosing a specific project, giving will become more personal then ever before. From buying a chicken for a children's home, to providing someone with their very first Bible, the minute you are connected with a certain ministry gift, is the moment when that little spark of interest turns into a real desire to further God’s Kingdom.

Are you ready to make a difference and feel connected to missions in a deeper way? Join the movement!

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