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During our time in Thailand we had the wonderful opportunity to work with these little angels at Connie’s Home orphanage. It was such a blessing to get to be a part of their lives and contribute to their needs. These children come from some very difficult circumstances, which leaves them requiring special attention. Connie's Home orphanage allows for drastic improvement for these children, many of who have special medical needs. With the recent addition of some new babies, Connie’s Home has around 20 infants and toddlers.

A current need at the orphanage is the funding for milk and formula for all of these children. The staff informed us that the cost for milk/formula averages out to about $20 per month for each child. After doing some research, the average cost that parents in the U.S. spend on formula averages out to $60-$100 a month! $20 seems so little, but it can provide the essential nutrition for these growing babies. Please consider helping provide formula for a child for one, three, or six months – or even giving enough to provide for an entire year! Please visit our Current Projects Page to get started!

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