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Nicaragua Trip Recap

Jesse & his brother-in-law, Ryan, took a trip to Nicaragua this past summer. During their stay, they had fellowship with the pastors and their families, they helped out with a youth camp, and both had the opportunity to preach during several church services. Prior to their trip, Trinity purchased a video camera and laptop computer for the city church in Managua. Jesse & Ryan took the camera and computer with them and took the opportunity to train the AV staff at the church to use the new equipment. The church is now able to record the sermons on Sunday, edit the footage, and disperse the video to surrounding churches that gather but do not have a pastor. The worship services are now even being posted to Youtube. The church is very excited about the outreach opportunities that this equipment has presented.

Helping out with the youth camp

Visiting a village

Training the tech guys at the church on the new laptop and camera

Fellowship with a pastor and his family

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